Innovation Hotspots

innovation hotspot noun: a place of more than usual interest, activity, or popularity that is frequented by people committed to driving innovation

Modern economies are built on innovation and there is hardly a region in the U.S. that has been more at the center of technology growth, than Florida’s Space Coast. Technology has always been the backbone of our community and there is no slowing down now.

The buzz is building and Brevard County is recognized as a tech-savvy location that leads the country in pioneering ideas and innovative thinking. We are a highly concentrated, high-tech innovative environment that has achieved national recognition for being actively engaged across a wide range of technologies.

Businesses and academia collaborate through a number of university think tanks, research parks, and wired communities. While building on the great marvels of our aerospace history, new innovators are emerging, and are helping to position our community as a niche location for the next generation of innovators.  Visit one of our Innovation Hotspots and connect with people who are interested in driving new ideas, launching new businesses and developing new opportunities on Florida’s Space Coast.