Academic Resources and Research Universities

Leverage the education trifecta on the Space Coast; three world-renowned schools, one central location.

Not only are the business leaders who work here innovative, but so too are the universities that call Brevard and Central Florida home. As one of the most concentrated high-tech economy in the United States, our leaders in higher education understand the needs of business.

Florida Tech offers a Master’s program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which provides students hands-on experience in evaluating intellectual property with the intent of commercializing new products and technologies. Eastern Florida State College holds a regular Entrepreneurial Development business seminar that teaches the fundamentals and success of entrepreneurship.

The region is also home to the University of Central Florida (UCF), the nation’s second largest university. UCF’s graduate and undergraduate programs go beyond theoretical research to drive important business applications of technology.  For example, students in the College of Optics and Photonics research the science and technology of light. Graduate students work on applying lasers, LED’s, LCD’s, and imaging systems for applications in a wide variety of industries.