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What we create here has a ripple effect on the world. From the fingerprint sensor technology seen on a smart phone near you to 3D printing and everything in between, the spirit of ingenuity is alive and well in Brevard County. Spark your innovative thinking and see what other entrepreneurs are doing here and around the world.

20 Hot Coworking Spaces for Business

by Annie Pilon with Small Business Trends Working remotely doesn’t have to mean being cooped up in your house or apartment. Now there are spaces where remote workers and tech startups can get office space or just share a communal work area with others just like…

3-D-Printing Bio-Electronic Parts

With new “inks” containing semiconductors, researchers have been able to print LEDs for the first time. By Katherine Bourzac on MIT Technology Review A 3-D printer can already make a prototype or spare part out of metal or polymer. Researchers at Princeton University have now…